Tellivibe Speaker – Able to amplify smartphone audio to the level of a loud sound box.

Various gadgets are used to increase the screen capacity of smartphone, now let’s talk about a gadget that can increase the audio quality and loudness of the smartphone – the sound is not loud enough from the smartphone speaker, which leads to the use of headphones, excessive use of headphones can cause serious damage to the ears so to solve this problem there is a gadget available in the market which can convert the audio range of the smartphone to much louder and much higher range. This useful gadget is called Tellivibe speaker.

When using the Tellivibe speakers you will experience a feeling much like watching TV. The design, control system of this gadget is very similar to TV. The Tellivibe speaker gadget needs to be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. This gadget uses 3D stereo sound technology which enables loud and clear sound output. Smartphones with a maximum screen size of 6.5 inches can be used with this speaker gadget. Those who expect to get loud sound output from smartphone and end up using headphones are unknowingly damaging their ears, moreover, it is not always comfortable to use headphones for all kinds of work, so get loud ‍sound from your smartphone without any harm. Fulfill your dream of loud sound output from your smartphone with the Tellivibe speaker gadget.

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