Screen less Smartphones – will facilitate the use of smartphones to children and also keep them away from smartphone addiction.

Currently, everyone uses smartphones, more or less smartphones are used for various purposes including education, entertainment. Nowadays children as well as adults spend a lot of time with smartphones, parents hand over smartphones to their children to keep them happy for various reasons. It is true that smartphones have some attractive features for users of all age groups but one thing everyone has to accept is that – smartphone use can harm children physically and mentally. Children often play games or watch cartoons on smartphones, as a result of which they often forget to play outdoor games and become addicted to the screen, which later affects their mental and physical health, so take the help of screen less smartphone gadgets to solve this problem.

This gadget is specially made for kids. Kids will be much happier while using this gadget and free from screen addiction. This gadget is designed only for talking on the phone, it also comes with a GPS system that lets parents know where their kids are, waterproof technology to make this gadget even more kid-friendly, and its build quality is pretty good. It is quite sturdy so that it does not break even if it falls and the gadget also comes with SOS feature so that kids can stay safe.

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