Take the smartphone photography and video recording experience to the level of a DSLR by using this gadget.

No matter how expensive or high-powered your smartphone is, you’ll never be able to get a DSLR-like experience with it, so use the Smart Cine Kit to elevate smartphone photography and videography to DSLR-like status.

Smart Cine Kit comes with Pro Lenses, Stereo Microphone, Ring Light. This gadget has a universal grip so both your smartphone and smart cine kit will be secure while you connect it to the smartphone and use it. You can adjust the ring light of the smart cine kit in three modes: low, medium and high. Any kind of picture or video can be shot with wide angle, microshot, telescopic through the advanced lens of smart cine kit. The Smart Cine Kit’s stereo microphone is ideal for shooting videos with clear sound quality. With the smart cine kit’s ring light, you can shoot videos comfortably in low light and in the dark, so you can be free from the worry of shooting quality videos in the dark while using this gadget. Smart Cine Kit fits any phone very easily so there is no reason to worry about fitting. The Smart Cine Kit can be easily charged for extended use.

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