Make your reading moments more enjoyable and protect your eyes from damage – book stand

While reading books, using mobile or tab we usually lean, which is not good for our body or eyes. Leaning while reading a book or using a phone/tablet can cause eye damage and/or neck pain. Use a book stand to avoid such problems. Improper eye level for reading books, using phones/tabs for long periods of time can cause serious health risks, many people ignore this issue resulting in eye problems and neck pain. While using a computer or laptop we can set the screen according to our eye level but this cannot be done while reading a book, using a phone/tab, this can be done by using a book stand. Reading books or using phones/tablets while leaning can have more adverse effects on children’s health, so use book stand gadgets to avoid such health risks for children.

This stand is adjustable so that you can use the correct eye position for reading books and read comfortably. It is 360 degree rotatable and comes with clips to prevent accidental flipping of book pages in the wind. You can use and keep tablets and phones apart from reading books through it. The clip used to hold the pages of the book or the phone/tablet is transparent so there is no difficulty in reading the letters of the book under the clip. You can flip it using one hand. It has a foldable design to further enhance the convenience of use.

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