LIGHT CAM –  Smart guard gadget for your house, which will always show you surveillance footage of your house through your smartphone.

We use different types of security cameras for our home security but CCTV needs electricity to operate and also needs to be connected to the monitor. But from now on you don’t have to worry about home security anymore, here comes the light cam, it is connected to an LED light, you can put it outside or inside the house and its camera rotates 360 degree angle which you can point anywhere in the house as you need. Can focus. You can connect it wirelessly with your smartphone with the help of which you can monitor the situation of your house from any place. It also has an SD card option through which any footage can be saved.

Now you don’t have to worry about home or property security, LIGHT CAM is here to ease your worries. This gadget can easily play an important role in protecting the security of your home or property. Nowadays, many people use different types of security cameras or devices for home and property security, these devices are quite expensive and there are various types of problems in using them, even in order to enjoy the full benefits of these devices, different types of supporting devices have to be used with them such as monitors, Electric wires etc., and technicians are required to install these devices. You don’t have to do any of these things from now on. Buy LIGHT CAM today to keep your property safe with ease and comfort. It is very easy to use. Just connect this gadget to your LED light holder and that’s it, it will work as a CC camera and LED light at the same time. It can save footage to an SD card attached to it. You can follow up its footage through your smartphone without any wires.

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