Let others know about your busiest moment – LUXEFOR SWITCH

It feels bad when someone disturbs you for no reason when you are busy or doing some important work in your room at office or at home, isn’t it? While doing urgent work, it should be known to others that you are busy, otherwise, others may unknowingly interrupt your work concentration. Luxefor Switch will help others know about your busy schedule. Using luxefor switch is very useful and effective especially in office. While working in the office, you will notice that different people keep coming to you for different reasons, they do it without realizing it, they don’t even realize that you are busy. From now on, let others know when you are busy with the Luxefor switch, which you attach to the door of your office or work room. From now on, everyone will know about your busiest moments and you can focus on your work without interruption.

Two lights are provided with this gadget, attach one to the door and keep the other by yourself. The two lights of this gadget work through a sequence, when the green light on one turns on the green light on the other and when the red light on one turns on the red light on the other. Red light is displayed during busy time and green light during free time. It also has the option to set a timer that turns the lights green and red at specific times.

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